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To gain access to the Naked Health Program Membership site you must first complete this registration form. Please ensure your email address, first name and last name are an EXACT match to your active Juice Plus order. If these do not match you will not be granted access. On submission the system will check to ensure you have an active Juice Plus order and if confirmed you will gain access. If the system cannot find an active order, or your details do not match your Juice Plus customer details, the system will direct you to the Join Us page with further instructions. If you are a new Juice Plus customer please allow a few hours for our system to update before registering. 

NOTE: If you are simply renewing your membership go to the Members Login Page and simple re-enter your original username and password. You do not need to re-register each time you renew your membership. Your membership renewal will take place automatically on the reshipment of your Juice Plus products. 

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